Advice & support: how we can help

Authorisation first, then marketing

The goal is to obtain approval of the active substance and/or an authorisation for the plant protection product. There is no all-round carefree package to cover all your needs, however. At least not without your help. You need to say what you want. And you also need to provide detailed information about the ingredients in your formulation and what applications you see for your product. And what test results you already have. Of course, we will sign a confidentiality agreement with you. Everything will remain strictly confidential.

The regulatory burden can be substantial, so let a consultant help you.

A consultant can handle a lot of the tasks in getting your dossier ready for approvals or authorisation. They can use their experience and research background to tell you what has to be done and what doesn’t. If you agree with their suggestions, it can then be an almost all-inclusive package.

The effort to meet the regulatory requirements for plant protection products can vary widely. If you are applying for the approval of a new active ingredient, the individual steps are extraordinarily extensive and cost-intensive. Obtaining an authorisation for a specific formulation is less complex, if sufficient data for your active substance is available. For such extensive projects, early planning is highly recommended.

Outsourcing parts of the work

Sometimes, you may not want to hand over the entire project to a consultant. Maybe you just need someone to take up some of your workload. Or your usual consultant is already booked. It may then be useful to outsource parts of the following regulatory and scientific projects:

  • Annex I Renewal of an active substance (AIR)
  • Renewal of authorisation of a formulation according to Article 43
  • Product approval in zonal or interzonal procedures
  • Application for authorisation via mutual recognition
  • Proof of technical equivalence
  • Fulfilling national requirements
  • Creating regulatory valid studies
  • Carrying out risk assessments
  • Creating dossiers and draft registration reports (dRR)

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