Biocidal products

The active substances are used in biocidal products. In some cases, this only involves a dilution in order to achieve a better dosage of the concentrated ingredient. It will thus be able to act where it is supposed to do so.

Secondary components in a formulation can also increase the efficacy, e.g. by optimising the pH value or by lowering the surface tension when a surfactant is added.

The special challenge for formulators is to optimise their biocidal products for a particular purpose or user.

Even for the best biocidal products, there is still a risk that they could harm humans, animals, or the environment. Legislators have therefore imposed strict rules. Consequently, only those biocidal products that have been sufficiently tested for efficacy and possible harmful effects may be marketed. And, of course, they must have passed the tests.

Only after the authorisation dossier has been prepared by you and/or your consultant and evaluated by a national competent authority or the European Chemicals Agency and finally the authorisation has been granted can the marketing begin – or be continued. ⇒ Consulting and support