The safety of your products is our
goal. But this isn't possible without
your help.

Your products must not cause damage to human health or
the environment. Neither at your company nor with your
customers nor with their customers. It is therefore necessary to
determine the potential hazard and then take any measures
for the safe use of your products.

Located in the centre of the
metropolitan region Rhine-Main

The cities of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and Mainz are less
than 17 km away. We are not only connected
geographically but also economically. We think in terms
of industry and trade, e.g. how legal obligations can be
efficiently implemented and how you can gain the
best possible competitive advantage for your business.

By the way – the night-time lighting shows where
dynamic activity is taking place in Germany. We ourselves,
however, are generally active during the daytime.

Our experts are in-house.

Of course, we also cooperate with other experts. We consider
it necessary, however, to have comprehensive in-house expertise
in toxicology and ecotoxicology, the production of chemicals
and their properties, organisational processes in industrial
companies, the use of biocides and industrial chemicals …

You may say that chemicals and
biocides are not everything,

and this may well be true. However, chemicals and biocides
can be found in more products than you might think at first
glance. All goods have an element of the 'chemical' about them.
And biocides are used more frequently than you might realise:
To prevent mildew in paint cans or to keep hospitals sufficiently
sterile. Just as examples.

What would really have your
competitors rubbing their hands
with glee?

The probable answer is if you weren't in a position to deliver.
There could be various reasons for this, including the disregard
of legal obligations. Whether you are dealing with biocides or
industrial chemicals, knowledge of the legislation is vital for
your business. But these rules also have to be implemented.
Otherwise you'll have trouble getting off the ground.

Your plane is very close to us.

In fact Frankfurt Airport, where planes take off and land more
than a thousand times every day, is only 15 minutes away.
Prosacon is thus highly accessible to both domestic and
international partners. We can also be easily reached by rail or
road – even if our company name doesn't appear on the road signs.
And by the way – we will also be happy to come to you.

Experience isn't everything,

but it's worth a lot. Prosacon has 'old hands' with decades
of experience in biocides and industrial chemicals, as well as
young colleagues with the latest academic knowledge.
And we work together as a team.

Dossiers aren't written overnight.

For registrations, approvals, or authorisations you need to
submit the appropriate dossier. This doesn't just mean lots of
pages, it also requires a great deal of research and testing,
for example to determine whether a substance is flammable,
toxic, or where it remains in the environment.
The preparation of a dossier can therefore take more than a
year, sometimes even several years. You can't begin too soon.

We’ve never done it like that.

Tradition is often a good thing, but laws are continually changing.
They generally become stricter. And expectations with respect to
the protection of human health and the environment are
increasing. In your case this means that you need to be right up
to date with the relevant legislation. And if necessary you need to
take action, even if this wasn't required in the past. If it's any
consolation, your competitors are in the same boat.

Compliance is a key aspect
– but not at any price.

The cost of meeting legal requirements can be hefty. However,
ensuring that you do so can generally be implemented in an
effective and efficient manner. This has a corresponding effect
on the cost. And of course on what you are allowed to continue
to sell.

Feel somewhat concerned?

Your 'gut feeling' alone will not let you know whether you meet
legal obligations. This requires a full inventory and analysis of
your situation (e.g. what products you have and how they are
used). The extent to which you are affected by the regulations
will then be checked. Then options have to be developed about
how to ensure your compliance. Of course it could be the case
that already now everything is fine.


Successful with REACH, biocides and plant protection products

Prosacon stands for Product Safety Consulting. In other words, we advise and support trade and industry with respect to the safety of their products.

Registration and authorisation of industrial chemicals

The REACH Regulation is one focus of our activities. This stipulates when and how manufacturers and importers are required to submit a registration for their chemicals. REACH also describes how hazardous substances must be communicated, as well as when authorisation and restrictions apply to their use. We prepare the application for an authorisation of coal tar pitch, high temperature but also check whether exemptions apply. ⇒ Chemicals

Getting an authorisation for biocides granted

Biocidal active substances and their formulations, the biocidal products, are a special class of chemicals and are subject to special legal requirements. Among other things, the Biocidal Products Regulation requires that each supplier gets an authorisation granted before placing its biocidal products on the market. ⇒ Biocides

Plant protection products require an authorisation

Plant protection products are used to destroy or reduce organisms that harm crops, but they can sometimes also damage the crops themselves or be toxic to those who apply them. Legislators have therefore drawn up rules which require official authorisation before placing such products onto the market. ⇒ Plant protection

The safety of your products and our common approach

Prosacon advises and supports you in all matters relating to the safety of your products. In other words, we determine which regulatory requirements are relevant for your business. On request, we will audit whether your activities comply with the regulatory obligations. We develop strategies on how to implement the activities relating to product safety as efficiently as possible – or apply your own strategies for you.

With our expertise, we examine the regulatory requirements of your products and evaluate their physico-chemical, toxicological, and ecotoxicological effects. Whether it be for biocidal products or chemicals, we prepare the required dossiers, handle the negotiations with the authorities and data owners, and revise your safety data sheets.

The combination of your product knowledge and our regulatory expertise forms the foundation for a successful collaboration. The goal is to show the safety of your products. This is how we would like to contribute to your business success. ⇒ Contact

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