About us

Since its inception in 2006, Prosacon has been active in the field of product safety. We aim to make sure that your products do not pose any hazard to human health or the environment. Complying with the law is also important, of course. So that you can avoid sanctions and your business can prosper.

Our terrain is the European Union with its various laws. The European Commission in Brussels and the European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki are important contact stations and places of decision. However, decisions can also be rendered in Luxembourg if the European Court of Justice needs to provide clarification. And the national competent authorities continue to be of great importance.

The European regulations REACH and CLP as well as the Biocidal Products Regulation are highly complex. Prosacon has many years of experience in the product stewardship of industrial companies. We are quite comfortable implementing European regulations. That’s why we have integrated a yellow star into our logo.

Our team, which consists of regulatory experts, chemists, biologists, toxicologists, and ecotoxicologists, offers its experience in all aspects that you need for the registration or authorisation of your chemicals under REACH, or for the successful authorisation of your biocidal products.

We are located in the midst of the business metropolis of Rhine-Main and thus very easy to reach. Of course, we can also travel to you. ⇒ Contact