Biocidal active substances

Active substances should be able to kill or control harmful organisms.

The active substances in a biocidal product are the real agents in the sense of acting against pests. They should be effective, i.e. be able to completely kill or control harmful organisms with the lowest possible dose. At the same time, they shall not impair the health of humans and animals. And they shall also not pollute the environment. It is not easy to achieve this selective efficacy.

The research of the past decades has led to the creation of different agents for the respective target organism. There are thus specialists for disinfection – also against moulds or rodents.

Legislators have set the bar high for the approval of active substances. The applicant must demonstrate that the active ingredient has the desired effect, yet does not act where it must not cause harm. Extensive documentation on the basis of appropriate tests is therefore necessary for approval. However, completely new substances are rare. ⇒ Consulting and support